The number of households belonging to older adults is on the rise across the nation, and (let’s face it) the homes themselves aren’t getting any younger. So states the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies’ Housing Perspectives (JCHS), which recently published the projection that, if true, makes it likely that Chino Hills home remodeling activity will spike in the coming years.

Abbe Will, research analyst for JCHS drew this conclusion:

“Since much of the housing stock is currently ill-equipped with even basic accessibility features, older homeowners aging in place will need to invest in retrofitting their homes in order to age comfortably and safely.” In other words, even for homes which remain in their owners’ hands, home remodeling activity could grow markedly.

Home remodeling is no minor industry. Home improvement expenditures by older homeowners already topped $90 billion in 2013—making it a significant economic contributor. Now the JCHS projects that it could surge by an extra $17 billion annually over the next three years. Welcome news indeed for the construction and design industries, who had been in the doldrums until recently.

But what does this mean for Chino Hills homeowners who plan to sell in the near future? When considering a remodel, if you want your home to attract potential older buyers, consider the innovations modern designs have made for individuals in that demographic group. That will be the competition.

JCHS’s analysis notes, “… not even a third of (existing) homes have what could be considered basic accessibility features, such as a no-step entry and bedroom and full bathroom on the entry level.” Both young and old can appreciate other features, as well. Wider hallways in a kitchen remodel is one example. Another is bathrooms showers with ‘edgeless’ design, which holds appeal both to Millennial buyers (for the sleek, modern look) and to seniors with limited movement. A bedroom on the main level that can readily be converted to a master if needed can be attractive to older homeowners—and also to anyone looking for a guest or au-pair suite. Investing wisely by thinking long-term when it comes to home remodeling plans is part of strategic home ownership. If you are considering selling your Chino Hills home at some point, it doesn’t hurt to inform yourself about forward-looking trends.

Wondering what today’s buyers are looking for? I’m here to help with all your Chino Hills real estate-related concerns: call me anytime this summer!

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Summary – Selling and buying tax liens has become an advantageous aspect for many investors. This ensures profitable returns on investment depending on the choice of your realty.

Tax liens are usually law imposed regulations on a real property that secures tax payment. The real estate market is ever changing and capricious. These factors enable investors to opt for different avenues that ensure profitable return investments. However, the arena of realty tax liens can prove to be advantageous for property investors, as well. Nevertheless, novice investors need to comprehend varied regulations associated with tax on properties. Liens on acreages can be placed only when people are unsuccessful in paying taxes on properties. In this case, the city where the property is situated has the authorizing power to place property lien. These are essentially legal claims on the basis of properties. An interesting aspect is that real estate tax liens can be bought and even sold just like conventional properties.

Benefits of tax lien purchasing

Tax lien certificates are usually created while issuing of liens. These reflect the property amount that is due along with additional penalties and interests. These certificates are consequently issued and auctioned off to investors who bid the highest. Tax liens are usually purchasable at optimum rates. The property investors can either bid on the basis of lien interest rates or payable premiums. Liens are usually awarded to bidders who will either pay a high premium charge or will consent to low interest rate. However, while buying tax liens, it is necessary to choose the property you want to hold liens. These can range from undeveloped landed properties to commercial and residential units. It is obligatory to consult the property agent to find out where the auction will be held so that you can take part in it.


  • Purchasers of realty tax lien will have to pay the issuing municipality the total of the lien amount. As an investor, you must then notify the proprietors about your being a lienholder of the property. Landowners will then have to pay investors the amount of liens in totality along with an added interest.
  • The interest rate has a possibility of ranging from a minimal five present to at least eighteen percent in California. As a property investor, you can also gain from the additional premium that you paid for property lien that will be repaid to you.
  • There can be variations regarding the repayment schedule that can last up to a few years. There can be instances that the landed property owner is unable to pay the property lien in full. In such cases, you have complete authorization to foreclose the property.
  • Purchasing property liens are a viable option and alternative for proficient investment proprietors who are acquainted with the real estate sector. It is in this respect that property managers will enable you with feasible tax lien options and realty choices.

Increase in return investments

Buyable properties that are later sold because of tax liens can provide you with lucrative returns. Procuring lien properties that are redeemable can proffer you with an optimal return investment with high-interest rate. Redemption of landed properties on the basis of tax lien auction can range from at least two to three years. Another advantageous factor of buying tax liens is enabling of secure property under the traditional market value.

Summary – Optimal administration of building facilities can be a daunting task. However, Los Angeles property management facilities make the job of administering and managing realties quite easier.

Managing of landed properties you own can be quite tedious at times. There are numerous technicalities and minute aspects that need thorough considerations. At such junctures, it is essential to take the aid and assistance of property management companies. There is practically no dearth of realty supervisors in Los Angeles, nowadays. Nevertheless, it always pays to do a comprehensive research and survey and then opt for appropriate professionals. Ensuring smooth infrastructural operations along with maintaining positive client and tenant relationship is essential to these facilitators. These service providers are fundamentally third party members who will provide and help you with appropriate requisites and options.

Optimal realty managing aspects

The task of property managers is a comprehensive and cohesive amalgamation of varied facets. These servicers are quite popular for multitasking in various sectors associated with acreages. You will evidently opt for facility providers with ample experience. Provision of qualitative facilities is another crucial factor. You can opt for either commercial or residential units. These usually comprise of single family homes, apartment complexes, multiple unit studios, etc. Property managers will present you with a bevy of options that will leave you spoilt for choice. Apart from these factors, these managers are also responsible for the management of tenant facilities. An integral factor for these administrators is to ensure that your expenditure is low, and income revenue is high. Maintenance of reliable, flexible and viable facilities are important considerations of Los Angeles property management, as well.


  • Managers are highly responsible for every aspect that deals with tenants. These rent enforcers ensure timely payment and rent collection from tenants. Adjusting and setting leasable rent rates is a part of these servicer’s duties. Setting a justifiable and valid standard of rent needs a lot of brainstorming. Property managers who ensure the appropriate charging of fees will guarantee you with higher investment returns.
  • Finding ideal renters is also a responsibility of property administrators. Those managers who will bring in ideal tenants for your properties are perfect choice. Screening of leaseholders, running thorough background checks and finalizing the renters can be a daunting task.
  • Optimum marketing, advertising and promoting of realties is an essential task. These servicers make the residential units salable.
  • Handling of leases can be another daunting task that these facilitators accomplish proficiently. This attribute has multiple facets. Adhering to maintenance requests, resolving disputes and complaints, handling emergency issues fall under the manager’s purview. Move in and move out inspections are also managed proficiently be these service providers.
  • Providing you with rentable and buyable properties at affordable rates is another important aspect of the property managers. Also taking care of property damages, leakages, molding issues, replacement and repairing facilities are proficiently managed by administrators.

Viable and reasonable facilities

Provision of feasible facilities and qualitative customer services is of extreme importance to Los Angeles property management services. Dealing with problematic tenant issues, and messy evictions can be intimidating, at times. Settlement of legal issues and predicaments are also other nuances that property managers undertake, efficaciously. Maintaining and tabulating budgetary records are time-consuming matters. However, these factors are made effortless and simplistic with the aid of realty administrators.

Throughout the United States, there are thousands of property management services. However, the main issue is that many of those property management services are unable to provide you with the performance and results that local, Los Angeles property managers can produce. In particular, property managers in Los Angeles County are familiar with the city, they know what to look for in terms of tenants, and they are able to keep your property in good condition because they have reputable contractors and vendors already on their contact list and can reach them at a moment’s notice. If you are looking for a property management service in the area, then here are a few ways that you can find exactly what you need.

Ask Around

S1First and foremost, if you have the opportunity to ask around, you should certainly do so. It is always best to reach out to friends, family, acquaintances, and even fellow property owners in the area. You are bound to run into someone who is familiar with the property management series in the area and as a result, they will be able to direct you to one who will be able to provide you with the services that you are looking for. In addition, the individual that you speak to will have specific experience in working with a property management service. As a result, they can tell you whether or not the service is worthwhile or if you should look elsewhere.

Look Online

Another recommendation is to look online. By conducting an online search, you can visit the websites of property management services in the area and choose one that is worth your time. Just make sure that you take their online reviews with a grain of salt. Oftentimes, companies will mislead you by writing their own reviews of themselves. Another tip is to actually look on forums and see what people have to say about certain businesses.

Visit the Office

Finally, you should never hesitate to visit the property management company’s office for a personal interview. The office itself will give you a number of clues about the business; for example, if the office is dead and unorganized, then you can reasonably conclude that the management service does not get a lot of business because it isn’t very capable. But the most important information you’ll get is from a long discussion with the people actually responsible for maintaining other Los Angeles properties: do they seem knowledgeable? Do they have sensible game plans for keeping vacancy rates low and tenant quality high? Do they understand profit-and-loss statements, eviction processes and legal obligations? If you feel comfortable that you can put your investment in their hands – you probably can.

Summary – Lease agreements are serious contractual bindings that are worth deliberating on. Time and cost effectiveness are two advantageous aspects of apartment leasing that provides you with higher returns on investment.

Owning and buying rentable properties has become a sort of trend, nowadays. You will find no dearth in the arena of leasable properties as options are plenty. There was a time when house hunting was quite a daunting task. It can still be so without proper assistance and guidance. Thorough research and survey are necessary before zeroing in on a particular realty. If you want to rent a property, then leasing apartment residences can be a feasible choice. Owning leasable properties do not have much baggage and responsibilities that home-owning usually does. However, there are important factors worth considering like fulfilling legalities and other obligations by tenants.

Effective leasing of complexes

There are numerous beneficial facets of apartment leasing. Finding an apartment on lease is not a tedious task anymore with the aid of able property managers. These servicers are principally third party groups that provide you with optimal choices in the sector of realties. A principal benefit of apartment leasing is that it is comparatively cheaper than house renting. Payment of major utilities is usually done by managers that are advantageous for both owners and lessees. There is a provision for both short and long term leases. However, property owners usually opt for long term ones. There are certain factors that aid in long term leasing of apartments and better salability.


  • A popular choice for lessees and proprietors is procurement of apartment complexes on lease. This factor scores over buying or renting of properties as owners are assured of a profitable income for many months.
  • Feasibility and flexibility are two choices that leasing of complexes will offer you. Along with these two factors, there is also a provision of apartments at affordable rates.
  • Leasing acreage does not necessitate payment of a substantial or hefty down payment. So you can easily buy properties at a reasonable price, the profit of which you can gain from the leasable or rental income.
  • Tenants can leave the apartment complex at any possible time. This leaves the realtors and managers to deal with the loss potentiality of monthly income.
  • These residential units have an optimum occupancy rate all through the year. In this way, you can efficiently raise monthly rates of rent along with providing qualitative benefits to your tenants.
  • Leasing an apartment complex is essentially an arrangement for a long term. An important aspect of leasing can include the possibility of lessees to pay the rent for almost six months to a year. The contractual basis of a lease is fundamentally clear cut that reduces the hassles of tenants and proprietors, as well.

Other optimal aspects

There is no obligation of providing huge down payments or even paying high amount of property taxes, in apartment leasing. Steady monthly rent charges is another reason that makes leasable complex searching easier for tenants and owners. There is also an added advantageof not paying any extra maintenance costs. Long term leasing, in general, induces lower costs, there is an abundance of properties that can be chartered by you. Thus, leasing of apartment residences is made far easier by property managers. These professionals will aid you in finding a unit that suits your requisites.

Summary – There are quite a number of creative real estate investing policies that will provide you with optimal benefits. You need to focus on qualitative niches and policies in the sector of realty.

You can diversify your investment portfolio by capitalizing in the arena of real estate. This can be achievable either through means of investment trusts or by funds. An unconventional technicality of buying and owning realties is that of creative property investment. Numerous techniques and facets like pyramidschemes; confidence tricks have structured the arena of property. Fundamentally, you will have to focus on the investment vehicle along with an optimum strategy to propel that funding vehicle.

Strategies for creative realty funding

Real estate is an interesting industry that will provide you with innumerable opportunities to gain profit. Choosing the appropriate basis of your realty asset makes creative real estate investing efficacious. Buying a property will obviously require you to dole out some hefty cash. However, proper investment will evidently proffer you with stable return on investment without much personal participation. At the initial stage, you should pick any one niche and focus on that particular property foundation. Nonetheless, these niches will only work beneficially with an accompanying of proficient strategies. Some of the optimal strategies that you can utilize in 2015 are listed below.

  • Choosing an optimal policy requires thorough research regarding capital investment, type of property and other miscellaneous situations. Wholesaling is one approach that numerous proprietors usually follow. When you are purchasing a wholesale property, you are essentially buying it at a lesser price than its original worth. You can then sell the same acreage to another stakeholder at a premium price.
  • Bird dogging is another widespread approach that numerous proprietors opt. In this policy, a third party member finds properties for investors. It is a less complex procedure when compared to wholesaling houses. This is because bird dogs provide investors with prominent pointers to optimum deals. Facilitators do not usually present a property on a contractual basis.
  • Then there is an ideal strategy for fixing and flipping. Normally, in this policy, investors buy run-down houses that usual home buyers will surely not buy. However, investors will then fix and restore the property only to sell it speedily, with optimal profit gains. There is another option of rehabbing properties, but this will take a lot of effort and capital from your side.
  • A creative investment deal that will prove you with benefits is the option of leasing. The option of lease buyer can be advantageous if you can find the right buyer. Here, the potential buyer can move in the house and stay for a year. Property buyers can then make a decision whether to buy the unit or not. You can set an optimum lease fee option that will proffer you with beneficial revenue.

Buy and hold stratagem

There are several other approaches to creative real estate investing. Placing your capital on land development and construction facilities as well as commercial properties can also be quite beneficial. Another essentiality that can be favorable is the aspect of buy and hold. Perhaps the commonest of all investment aspects, it includes buying of properties and then leasing or renting it out for a longer term. It is the most advantageous and untainted form of real estate capitalizing. This attribute will provide you with a positive ability to appraise and calculate the profits made from contracts and other opportu

Summary – Buying and owning rental property comes with various necessary obligations. The most significant of all factors is building code compliance that safeguards both property owners and tenants.

A comprehensive set of rules and regulations that pertain to facets along with standards of infrastructure characterize building codes. A primary aim of these constructional programs is to safeguard the general welfare and public health. The building codes can be quite exhaustive, and these also necessitate proper understanding of varied safety measures. Essentially, the infrastructural regulations comprise of requisites in the arena of maintenance, management, construction and tenancy of residential units. Rental properties comprise of multitudinous facets that are applicable to commercial and residential construction units, as well. Apartments and complexes that are accessible by disabled persons and are devoid of environmental perils are essential factors while letting out apartments.

Significant aspects to consider


As an owner or even buyer of rental property, it is your obligation to check the building code compliance prerequisites thoroughly. There are several rental spaces that will not present you with legalities of proper construction codes. A thorough research and survey are extremely important to make sure that you rental property is at par with building codes. You must make sure that the residential unit of your leasers is in absolute compliance with the infrastructural strictures. It is crucial to be in the clear with your tenants regarding the rentable house’s regulations so as to avoid future predicaments.

  • It is important to know the varied facets of regulations beforehand. These codes essentially comprise of electric, mechanical, plumbing, sewer work and other technicalities of the building unit. Other attributes can include acquiescence to facilities of state energy and federal access laws for handicapped and disabled people.
  • A basic purpose that these guidelines serve is to prevent and protect the health, life, public welfare and property. This is fundamentally done by supervising and amending factors like material quality, construction facility, design, maintenance and location.
  • There is a provision for both landlords and tenant friendly clauses of compliance essentially making it a two-way street. It essentially means that optimal management and maintenance of the rental unit falls under the purview of both renters and owners. An integrative sorting of duties makes it feasible for both proprietors and leasers.
  • Providing your tenants with flexible compliance clauses will ensure the optimum return of profits for you. You must also make sure that the building you will be either moving into or renting out is code compliant.
  • There is a wide assortment of building codes that you must ensure the residential facility has. It is a comprehensive sector that comprises of varied regulations and codes. The basic features must embrace optimal detailing in regards to foundation, building planning, wall construction, covering and floor planning. There should also be information about ceiling and roof constructions.

Essentials of infrastructural codes

There are other technicalities of building code compliance that are quite significant before buying rental property. Plumbing, fuel gas, mechanical, electrical, fireplace, chimneys, venting system, appliances are other facets worth considering. Usually, these obligations befall on property managers who make sure to present realtors with impeccable job. These precautionary methods are continually updated. It essentially aids in the establishment of proper preventive measure in the face of an electrical malfunction, fire, and other natural disasters. These factors make it necessary for proprietors to pay absolute attention to building codes and guidelines.

Summary – Searching for reasonably priced Los Angeles homes is not an intimidating task, anymore. Property management facilities make economical house hunting a feasible option for you.

Affordable housing is one factor that retains immense importance in today’s world of ever growing expenses. There is a provision of varied options when it comes to home owning. You can either buy, lease or rent properties in Los Angeles. There is a multitude of options on the internet regarding real estate listings. While these prove to be quite advantageous in your search of reasonable homes, however, there is another optimal option, as well. Apart from landlords and proprietors, there is a third party facilitation of property managers. These facilitators aid you optimally in searching for feasible options that will match your requisites.

Affordable residential realties


There is no death of leasable or buyable acreages in California. This is one city that will provide you with a comprehensive gamut of lifestyle, landscapes and realty choices. A continual populace in a particular region can aid optimally in reduced rates of buying and owning properties. You can efficiently rent these real estate properties at a later stage, as well. An advantageous factor of buying inexpensive Los Angeles homes is that by renting these, you can acquire a steady and profitable cash flow. Funding is a crucial factor when it comes to opting for a residential place. However, finding a reasonably priced residential unit on your own can be quite a daunting task. That is why it is essential to services of property managers over standard realty listing services.

  • Administrators will provide you with assortment of real estate properties, suiting your requirements. These acreages can range from small family units, apartment complexes, condominiums and multi-unit studios. Availability of inexpensive acreages is a major essentiality that proprietors require.
  • Apart from affordability, there are certain other factors that need deliberation. Optimum provision of amenities is a significant aspect, as well. Realty supervisors will obviously make sure to provide you with ideal housing units that come equipped with various other services.
  • A trustworthy property administrative service makes the job of possessing and purchasing homes much easier. You have to state clearly your requirements and budget. And you will be presented with your choice of realty, in negligible time.
  • Apart from choosing a real estate property, you must consider the location of the housing complex. Servicers make sure to keep you expenditure low and income revenue high. Attainability of facilities, closer to your property is an advantageous aspect. The locality is important in matters of low crime rates and viable amenities like educational institutions and entertainment services.
  • There is an availability of housing properties at subsidized rates. Economical housing comprises of a diverse range of pay-scales. However, searching for such real estate properties on your own can be time-consuming. It is here that property supervisors step in and take the responsibility of providing ideal and cost-effective housing options.

Feasible, low-cost houses

There are numerous housing development and properties that are cheap but still equipped with advantageous facilities. You would obviously not opt for a dilapidated house just because of its reduced rate. Property managers are responsible for not only finding low-cost residential units, but there are other factors, too. Reasonably priced Los Angeles homes projects are on the rise nowadays. It is the job of realty administrators to search for localities and housing units that have generous and feasible provision of services.

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